In need of Professional Allstate Roadside Assistance Service?

 Looking for a trusted and quality road assistance service? If you are in trouble on the road, our company Allstate Road Assistance service located in Pompano Beach, FL can help you out! We are one of the top hauler services in Pompano Beach, enough reason to make sure that we accomplish a high-quality job. We have the professional and expert technician team that works excellently and quickly so you can get back on track in no time! We’ve been in this kind of environment and industry for over 20-30 years. So, if you found yourself in trouble in the middle of the road, don’t worry Allstate Road Assistance Service is always on the go to help you! Just call us at 954-360-8246 and we’ll jump to your location before your ice cream melts!


About Our Services

What is the road assistance service?

If you are new on the road, you must know a service that can assist you on the road in case there’s an incident that happens to you. If ever you do not know what is a road assistance service, we’re here to discuss it for you. Road assistance service is a package of servicing you on the road in case you found yourself in trouble whether you are in the middle or on the side of the road, parking lot, or even you’re just at your home, road assistance service can help you from the dilemma like running out of gas, dead batteries, flat tires, or towing you to a mechanic shop. Glad to tell you that, we, Allstate Road Assistance Service can you provide you anything you need on the road starting from information if you are astray, up to minor accidents. Just call us at 954-360-8246 for more information! We are always ready to help you out on the road! So check our jump start carpop a locklocked out of car and more.

What does our road assistance service can cover?

Some road assistance service limits their cope in helping out a customer, but our company Allstate Road Assistance service can cover almost everything. Here are a few of the things that our service can do:

Change Tires

We know that everyone doesn’t want to interrupt our travel, but accidents comes unexpectedly, that’s why it is better for you to know a road assistance service that can help you up. We, Allstate Road Assistance Service can do the job for you! If your tires suddenly broke, you need to stop on the side of the road and need to change it. Because it might damage your car’s wheel if you do not change your flat tires. In case you find yourself in this kind of dilemma, we are here to help you anytime, anywhere! Just call us and we’ll jump off right to your place. Consult flat tire service for free.

Can bring you a new battery

If you are in a hurry then suddenly, your car doesn’t start up, it’s because your battery is starting to lose its energy. Allstate Road Assistance service can bring you a new fully charged battery that will on your place in a short period of time!

Flatbed Towing (3)

Stuck in an uncomfortable spot

    Sometimes there’s a situation that is a burden to go to your destination. A situation such as, being stuck on mud, snow, and something that your wheel can’t reach the surface. In case you fall on this kind of dilemma, don’t panic, you can trust our trusted service! We will remove you from the place where you stuck safely without damaging your car. After we get you back on the track, we will do a slight inspection if your car’s engine and exterior parts have damage.

Car lockout

In case you forgot your key inside your car, instead of worrying, just call us Allstate Road Assistance. We know that your time is gold, you need to get back on your car immediately, that’s why we are here! In case this kind of dilemma happened to you and you’re in Pompano Beach, FL, you don’t need to panic you just need to call us to help you get back on your car! We’re one of the top Road Assistance Service here in Pompano Beach.

Getting back to the car immediately is very urgent, not only because you are in a hurry, but also because for your car’s battery and fuel, in order to save money, you have to turn off the engine right away. Glad to tell you that, our company Towing Pompano Beach can do it safely and quickly for you without needing to break the glass of your vehicle, cut some wires, and other more that can damage your car, you just need to avail and trust our service and we assure you that you’ll be glad and satisfied on our work. Just call us for more information!



Recover you from accident

Our company not just servicing common problems, we also do a recovery car from the accident. It is an assistance service for those who accidentally bump their car to walls or street lights and other more incidents. We can fully take care of your car, you can just focus on yourself-recovery, we can call an ambulance for you if it is needed. Let our experts take care of your vehicle, we ensure you that your car is in a good-hands!

 In case of a road emergency, who to call?

We, Towing Pompano Beach, Allstate Road Assistance Service can assure to you that we do a highest-quality road service. We are using innovative equipment and professional technicians to help you on the road. Our expert team can make sure that they can handle the dilemma perfectly. In addition, we do excellent and high-quality work at an affordable price. We do almost everything road assistance service. Our team can get on your location to help you get back on the road because we believe that everyone’s time is gold, that’s why we will help you to go to your destination very quickly!

So, in case you find yourself in trouble, don’t hesitate to call us at (phone number) don’t forget our service Towing Pompano Beach, Allstate Road Assistance is always ready to help you with a high-quality service that you can only experience if you allow us to help you on the road!

Highly recommended. Really good towing service and didn't ask for too much. I made sure to let my friends know when they need help on the road.
Sophie D. (Pompano Beach, Fl)
They really went out of their way to make me comfortable. The driver is genuine and really cared. Thanks again!
Alexa B. (Pompano Beach, Fl)
Timely, very friendly, and had reasonable pricing. It was as pleasant an experience as you can have with towing.
Sandy T. (Pompano Beach, Fl)


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