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For whatever reason, you may find yourself about to open your car door and then realizing that your keys are nowhere to be found. Could you have left it in your house or the building that you just came in from? Is it locked inside the car? Did you drop it somewhere? Before you spiral down into this world of possibilities, breathe and pull yourself together. You have a situation right in front of you–the best way to be on top of it is to find a solution. 

And we are just the solution that you need. We are Towing Pompano Beach, experts in popping locked car doors. Just your friendly locksmith situated in Pompano Beach, FL. Enlist our services today by giving us a call! Also consider checking our wrecker serviceflat tire service and more.


Band-Aid Solutions

#1 Band Aid Solution: The Coat Hanger

You’ve probably seen this trick in some movies where the protagonist (or the antagonist) magically finds a coat hanger near the road and they start to bust their locked cars with it. 90% of the time, they succeed in this endeavor. This is probably why you feel empowered to try it out for yourself too. 

But hold on–don’t go trying out this method just yet. For one, there are virtually almost zero chances that you’d just find a handy coat hanger lying somewhere. Another reason: this can damage your car. 

We repeat for emphasis: this method will damage your car. 

Your tint might be scratched when you lower the hanger or your car lock itself might be damaged as an effect. Either way, these two end scenarios will cost you a pretty penny to repair. Leave it to the experts instead. 

#2 Band Aid Solution: Breaking Your Window

In a state of panic you might think about hurling a huge stone on your window just to get this nightmare over with. Likely, there might be something of value inside the car that you badly need to get to, say your baby or a dog. 

Our advice: don’t do this. You might send shards of glass and injure the very thing that you find so precious. You’ll just end up with a damaged car and an injured baby or a dog. 

Stay calm and call us ASAP. We will dispatch our crew and we will be there to help you out in a hot minute. Just try to keep calm and assure the baby or your dog that they are going to be fine. 

#3 Band Aid Solution: The Shoestring Method

For some reason that we can’t explain, there has been various videos circulating in the internet regarding a shoestring being used to bust open a car door. Sounds easy enough to manipulate, right? After all, you might think that a shoestring will not cause as much damage as, say, a coat hanger would. Basically, it requires you to tie the shoelace a certain way and you just have to simply lower it down to your car’s lock to pop it open. 

Do you now see how this might not work out? For one, most cars no longer have the old locking method where a small knob is simply pulled or pushed, depending on whether you want to lock or unlock your car. Another thing, that knot that is specified for this type of method is not as easy to do as one may think. 

So you just might want to save yourself the trouble and call in the experts instead. 

#4 Band Aid Solution: Screwdriver and a Rod

To be honest, we don’t even know where to begin writing about this method. But allow us to try to illustrate this for you well. Basically, when you use a screwdriver and a rod, you use these as wedges to pry your car door forcefully. 

Pop A Lock (2)
Pop A Lock (1)

Just imagine that. We don’t think you need further explanation about how that might turn out. Sure, professional locksmiths could make use of that method. But take note that the identifier here is the word “professionals”. They have been trained well and properly to cause the least damage in your car. But even then, you risk a ruined paint job or a bent car door after all the hullabaloo is over. 

Avoid this scenario and simply call us for our services today.

How we do it differently. . .

We are a team of locksmiths who specialize in opening cars. We cater to all sorts of automotives ranging from SUVs to sedans to even boats and RVs. With our professionally trained locksmiths, you will be able to get into your car and drive away in no time. 

So don’t stress. With Towing Pompano Beach servicing Pompano Beach, FL, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Here we offer. . .

Unlocking Services

No coat hangers, no rods and screwdrivers, and definitely no big stones involved. We will carefully and easily unlock your car doors for you. We take extra care in making sure that we leave minimal to zero damage to the cars that we service. We do this through: 

  • Entry Programming – this is best for those newer cars who no longer need keys in the traditional sense of the word. We have a team of coders who will key you in quickly. 
  • The traditional pop a lock – we have tools plus the expertise to use traditional materials in the safest way possible. We’ll make sure not to damage your tinting, your car paint, or even your car’s wiring system. We take pride in how painless and quickly our locksmith are able to do this method. 
  • Key cloning – and after all that has been said and done, your keys might not have been locked inside your car after all. We offer key cloning services too so you will always have a spare key with you. Now you can avoid situations such as this. 
So check our jump start carpop a lock, and locked out of car services. Then our experts will come to you. 
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